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Traffic sites seem to come and go like an ice cube dropped on a sidewalk in the summer. If you blink for a second, they are gone.

If you want consistent signups and sales for whatever program you are promoting, you need responsive traffic you can depend on. That is why I am excited to share with you a new traffic site that JUST LAUNCHED which is designed to keep delivering hot leads for years to come.

The site is called Dependable Ads and it has a unique way to make sure that your results stay consistent.

Regular ad exchange or safelist sites require you to keep earning more and more credits to send your ad to the entire membership. The number you are sending your ad to keeps going up, but the traffic you get in return keeps going down. How is that possible?

Regular traffic sites keep sending your ads to members who are no longer active. You send your ad to thousands, but most of them are no longer using the site or clicking on ads. Most of your credits are wasted trying to promote to old leads.

Dependable Ads is different because your ad always is sent to the 1,000 MOST ACTIVE members. This means you keep getting consistently good results, even as the site ages. Who are the most active will change over time, but your ad will always go to the 1,000 HOTTEST PROSPECTS!

To experience the difference that a truly active membership can make, join Dependable Ads and send your first ad WITHOUT any cost or any clicking. You can promote to our 1,000 most active members for free!

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