What is Walk Away Richer Now?

Walk Away Richer Now is a Division of Walk Away Richer. It lets people join free and put a couple of text ads up and take a look around at what the Walk Away Richer Sites have to offer.

What are the Walk Away Richer Sites?

Walk Away Richer sites are comprised of 3 sites. Walk Away Richer where we build your own site on your own domain for you. You will find it

at http://walkawayricher.com The Second part is Walk Away Richer Now which is a way for new members to join a site free and find out more about Walk Away Richer. Part 3 is the Walk Away Richer Solo Ad Mailer which you can find here: http://walkawayricher.com/mailer/

Is Walk Away Richer Now Free To Join?

Yes, you can join free and put up 2 text ads which will rotate on our Ad Profit traffic page

What is Walk Away Richer All About ?

Walk Away Richer is the parent site for all the Richer sites. We set up a special Click Bank site for you or a special Custom page. Please see

http://walkawayricher.com for all details

Does Walk Away Richer Now Have A Solo Ad Mailer?

Yes there is a solo ad mailer called Richer Mailer. It is designed to put dough in your pocket. You will find it right here- http://walkawayricher.com/mailer

Can I earn Money with Walk Away Richer?

If you are a member of Walk Away Richer You can earn 10% commission when people buy a CB or Custom Page. You can also earn up to 40% commission on the sale of the Richer Mailer.

How do you pay commissions?

We pay by online check or regular check. If you need a different way to get paid, please contact us through support and we will arrange something with you.

Can I earn Money as a Free member?

No the Walk Away Richer sites have affiliate programs for all paying members. We have many other sites where you can earn as a free member . Please see our main site at http://jammarketinginc.com

How often do you pay commissions?

We pay commissions monthly. A commission must age for 30 days from the date of purchase and then the commission will get paid at the end of the following month.

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