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Realistic projected numbers for a FOUNDER that is Passively Involved with ONPASSIVE
Year one $6000
Year two $43,000
Year three $350,000
Year four $1 million
Year five $2 million

399,065+ Joined GoFounders, Would $350,000...Change Your Life?

Amazon Annual Revenue (Millions of US $) 2005 - $8,490

People are trying to compare Onpassive to them which is silly, that's like comparing Apples to Oranges, those companies probably didn't turnover much for 2 to 5 years, Yet Onpassive will launch with over 500,000 Customers and do well over $1 Billion within month one!! 
That's just for joining and paying a small fee and DOING NOTHING!
Read below to understand how it works.
- You pay ONCE to become a FOUNDER $97 limited time
- You pay ONCE to become a CUSTOMER between $100 - $250
(not now, down the track once GoFounders launches into ONPASSIVE 2021)
Your monthly subscription is paid for each month by your profits month after month!
In this way your subscription becomes self funded! You pay to become a customer at
the beginning and never will have to come out of your pocket again!
Everything from then on will run on AUTOPILOT!!
Read, Listen and Watch video on the next page.
==> founderinvitation/invitation23?myInv=
This will change you and your families life and create a legacy long after
you have gone!

FORE END OF 2020 as Founder Positions will be closed permanently.
You will be BLESSED, this is GUARANTEED.

P.S. You can own more positions to multiply your EARNINGS!

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