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Today we are on the threshold of extreme greatness
Greetings Friends,

As you all know, I have sent numerous emails regarding our Information Technology (IT) platform which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our platform is the first of a kind built from the ground up, not using any existing scripts. We offer a 100% money back guarantee. You pay out-of-pocket once. We are very close to our public launch at which time Founder positions will no longer be available. There are many benefits associated with becoming a Founder; especially our Marketing Campaigns which help build your team. 

The following was recently posted in our back office Community by one of our Global Founder leaders.

"Hello GoFounders/ONPASSIVE family around the world. It seems like only yesterday I was introduced to ONPASSIVE, long before we had a name, or marketing material, but when we were just a vision, an idea, a hope for the future. Yes, that was quite some time ago, nearly 2 years, heck we didn't even have a name at that time. But what we early Founders did have was supreme trust that this vision of Ash's would materialize into something that would FINALLY put an end to all the frustration and heartache so many of us struggled with doing business online the old, hard way. FAITH, BELIEF, TRUST. Those 3 things, I believe, are the glue that binds us together as one gigantic mindset to change the world following the guidance and leadership of Ash Mufareh. Today we are on the threshold of extreme greatness, each and every one of us. Let us move forward and spread the word of our blessing with the world, for the world needs us now, more than ever. We are truly blessed to be included in this venture, one I am 100% certain will change the course of history and change many countless lives for the better. THANK YOU Ash for your vision, your insistence on excellence, and your drive to never give up. We love you and admire you. Stay safe, be well and keep the faith family because we are nearly there. ONPASSIVE....IT'S HAPPENING! In It To Win It!"

1. Complete Digital System (Tools) 2. Automation (AI) 3. Traffic, (Targeted, Qualified) 4. Reseller, Partners, Residual Income and of Course Helping people around the World
listen to video below

Ash Mufareh, ONPASSIVE, & GoFounders: FUNDAMENTALS by Jeffrey Morlock

Link to our final public webinar which details our platform: 3%20Webinar.mp4

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Warm Regards
Richard moore
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